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Excaliber Companies, Inc. (ECI) was formed in 1975 as a residential construction company servicing the Greater New England area in the Northeast United States, for many years. In 1985, ECI expanded its services to the Amusement Park Industry in commercial building and general Amusement Facility and Device/Ride Repairs. ECI now services clients in Amusement Facilities and Theme Parks World Wide.

ECI and its affiliates, which includes Inspectors, Consultants, Engineers, Suppliers, Vendors and Manufacturers, are professionals, with years of experience in the Amusement Industry, working with Amusement Facilities World Wide, including all types of Amusement Devices/ Rides regardless of manufacturer in Amusement and Theme Parks, Water Parks, Family Fun Centers and Traveling Shows.

ECI offer these services regardless of location or Amusement Device / Ride Manufacturer to their Customers/Clients in the Amusement Industry, but not limited to:

  • Ride Commissioning, Testing and Training
  • Facility Inspections and Consulting Services, including all Amusement Devices/Rides, Buildings, Structures, Food Service and all Employee and Public access areas.
  • Engineering Designs, Reviews and Sales;
  • Control Systems Design, Reviews, Installation and Testing;
  • Operations and Maintenance Training;
  • Consultant for Purchases of New and Used Amusement Devices/Rides, Service and Training.
  • Spare and Replacement Parts Sales, Installation, and Training Services;
  • Botanical Evaluations and Training, (Plant and Trees)

We are your headquarters for all replacement parts for all manufacturers of amusement park rides, including the now out of production ride manufacturer, OD Hopkins & Hopkins Rides. Amusement Rides, including all Shoot the Chute , Log Flume, Rapid River Raft, Super Flume, and Coasters rides and parts.New to ECI is its Parts Division, which can assist with the purchases of Spare and Replacement Parts, Engineering Reviews for replacement parts, and installation of those materials, regardless of device / ride manufacturer.

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